There are few tasks as monotonous as weekly laundry routines.


Every week you have to budget 50 minutes to an hour for a wash cycle, remove the soaking wet lumps of clothing, and put it into the dryer, always dropping at least one errant sock onto the dusty floor along the way. 


From there, you wait another 45 minutes to an hour of waiting around for the cruel reward of folding and putting away the entire load. 


We haven’t even mentioned the headache of finding all of the spread-out clothes from your and your family members’ respective laundry bins. 


I could go on for hours about the grueling cycle of laundry, but we are all too familiar with the hours of lost time and the miserable routine. Fortunately, we can now break free from the relentless task! There are tons of services that take away such time-consuming irritations for little more than what you already pay for detergent, dryer sheets, and other laundry necessities. Time is a very valuable thing, and an efficient and painless experience where usually only frustration and boredom could be found is exactly what these pickup and delivery laundry services provide. 

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Snedicor’s Cleaners offers one such pickup and delivery service, and we are confident you will love the convenience that comes along with freeing yourself from the shackles of the laundry room. 


By the end of the article, you will have a good understanding of what it would take to do away with the consistent wrinkling from overdue dryer emptyings, waiting to leave until the one shirt you need is done in the dryer, and other innumerable slight grievances that come with the vicious chore that is laundry. From there you will be able to make a choice for yourself as to whether or not the service is a fit for you.


How much do professional laundry services cost?

It’s natural to want to make sure your family is being cared for in the most efficient way possible, and that includes operating within your family’s budget. The cost of getting your household laundry taken care of professionally is about the same as doing the laundry yourself, unless you consider all the additional time this saves you, which is priceless from the perspective of any person, of every income level, who plays and works hard. 


You can afford to give it a try: Cost Breakdown

Professional wash dry fold laundry runs $2.00 per lb, with free pick up and delivery twice weekly. The average cost a consumer pays for wash fold depends on the size of the household.  A typical single-person household pays about $37 per month, while a family of 6 will pay about $252. Obviously the price can vary quite heavily, 


On average, consumers spend about $15-$25 once or twice a month on laundry detergent, or about $180 -$600 per year. Dryer sheets, fabric softener, and aroma boosters can add an additional cost of $2-$35 per month. You cannot forget the hidden costs of water, which costs about $.88 per load; and energy prices range from $.14- $.45 per load. If the average consumer does four loads of laundry per week, they can expect to pay around $300-$720 a year.

Depending on the size of your household, professional laundry can range dramatically from comparable prices to a convenient expense to a straight up bargain. So give it a try and see how much the convenience is worth to you. I can say for myself that it has been invaluable in saving me time throughout the week, and I am never worried about whether or not an outfit will come out of the washer in time or if I got to folding it before it wrinkled anymore.



How does this choice affect the community?

Choosing to take household laundry off your list of chores supports stronger bonds with family, and friends, and provides community opportunities because additional time is available, not only to spend with others and at tasks but also because more time for rest and self-care is available. When your neighbors hear about the enormous weight that has been lifted off your shoulders, they too will be able to take advantage of this great service. This choice also supports local small business owners and long-term local residents who are employees. 

Dirty laundry whisked away; How are you going to spend your newfound free time?


Now that you’ve heard the merits of automated laundry services, the next time that you find yourself sitting on your couch folding laundry and setting timers to remind you to swap the next load think for a moment about everything you could be doing instead. The lounging that could be done, the bikes that could be ridden, the tasks that could be attended to, and the hobbies that could be pursued. Why burden yourself with this chore when it is not necessary? When you’re ready, click the link below for a step-by-step guide on our process and access to our learning center.